Get to know our organisation

A brief overview of our organisation, our mission, our goals, and our team 

Who We Are

Victims Organisation for Human Rights is a Libyan human rights organisation, concerned with defending and promoting human rights and pays special attention to citizens who have been subjected to governmental violations of human rights and public freedoms, torture and ill-treatment in prisons, and works to expose them and prosecute those responsible. The organisation also works to support and rehabilitate Libyan and non-Libyan victims of violence and torture, and to assist prisoners and improve their conditions. The organisation is also concerned with supporting democracy and promoting civic participation.

The organisation is registered with the Civil Society Organisations Support Center, Benghazi, with an announcing number “830” on May 5, 2013. It is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. The organisation issues an annual report on the human rights situation in Libya, and it monitors prisons conditions, monitors and documents all violations, and organises events and activities, which seeks to enhance the human rights process in Libya, and spread the human rights culture. 

Victims Organisation for Human Rights is an independent organisation that does not have any partisan orientation and seeks to cooperate with and assist all organisations wishing to bring about fundamental change in the field of human rights and to assist them in that. It works on developing the civil society working in the field of human rights and peaceful civil culture. It also aims to create a neutral and impartial cadre whose primary mission is human rights in accordance with the international legitimacy of human rights.

- Chairman of Board of Directors: Mr. Nasser Fathallah Mansour Al-Hawari.

Supporting Human Rights Victims

Victims Organisation provides assistance to all those who are threatened with extrajudicial killing, enforced disappearance, torture and arbitrary detention. In its work, Victims Organisation mainly resort to international human rights mechanisms, documenting individual cases of human rights violations by communicating with lawyers and families of the victims, and then presenting the information it has obtained to the United Nations and other treaty bodies (in particular the Committee against Torture, the Human Rights Committee, and the Committee on Enforced Disappearances.) It also uses other tools (media, direct pressure groups, campaigning as well as cooperation with other NGOs and civil society) to ensure the protection of those people. 


Our Message

 Addressing human rights violations in Libya, providing assistance to the victims of these violations, and activating judicial mechanisms and joint work efforts between human rights civil society institutions, in order to overturn laws that contradict the principles of the constitution and human rights, prosecute and punish perpetrators of human rights violations, and provide justice for the victims of these violations.

The Team

Nasser El-Hawary

Chairman of Board of Directors

Salem Al-Dersi

Chief Executive Officer

Ahmaid Al-Zaidani

Head of The Legal Committee