Victims Organisation for Human Rights

We are a Libyan organization concerned with taking care of citizens who have been subjected to violations of human rights and public freedom


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Our Message

Addressing human rights violations in Libya, providing assistance to the victims of these violations, and activating judicial mechanisms and joint work efforts between human rights civil society institutions, in order to overturn laws that contradict the principles of the constitution and human rights, prosecute and punish perpetrators of human rights violations, and provide justice for the victims of these violations.

Our Goals

Spreading the culture of human rights

Developing NGO skills

Developing the culture of peace and confronting extremism

Training of police and security forces on human rights concepts

Assistance in drafting legislation

Promoting children's rights

Training institutions on the optimal management of prisons

Promote women's rights

Promoting and developing the rights of refugees and foreigners

Develop the rights of the disabled and people with special needs

We Worked in Various Libyan Cities




Zawia & Surman




Do You Think Of Supporting Our Organisation?

If you are one of those who care about spreading justice and peace and protecting human rights in Libya, you can take the initiative and make change. Together, we can put an end to kidnapping, torture and murder, and work together for national reconciliation in the country. The organization can be supported either through donations or through voluntary work. Your participation can make the difference and change the lives of thousands of people in Libya.

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